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As we enter the endemic stages of COVID-19 the world is a different place to the one we knew in March 2020. Face masks, social distancing, hand sanitiser, isolation and antigen tests are a few terms that spring to mind! Heightened levels of hygiene, health and safety measures and general awareness has been brought upon us by the pandemic. Part of what we do at SP Sanitise is to make transition to this new normal as seamless and safe as possible.


The problem we solve.

Hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants are being used at a much higher frequency. Unfortunately, many of these products have toxic chemical compositions. Another downside to your standard chemical/alcohol-based sanitiser/disinfectant is that they are only effective in the short term. These solutions apply a ‘wet kill’ technology.


What does this mean?

It means these solutions will kill harmful pathogens while wet but once they have evaporated from your skin/surfaces (usually mere minutes) we are vulnerable to contamination and transmission of harmful pathogens including viruses and bacteria which have the potential to cause disease.


What makes us different?

Unlike these ‘wet kill’ chemical solutions SP Sanitise uses microSUREtm; a chemical free, long term surface protectant that provides on going protection from 99% of harmful pathogens using an advanced ‘mechanical kill’. This on-going protection persists for up to 90 days on all surfaces. Whether it be a desk, keyboard, door handle, toilets you name it microSUREtm protects it. microSUREtm is an eco-friendly, incredibly efficient, and most importantly effective solution to the short-term chemical approach.


Goodbye chemicals, hello long term protection!

With a deep application of microSUREtm  every 90 days and appropriate top up of high touch points every 3-4 weeks you can return to normal, pre-pandemic levels with your cleaning routine. Your business also becomes certified microSUREtm protected and you can say goodbye to constant sanitisation with toxic chemicals which is only effective in the short term. Not to mention the harmful effects these solutions can have on our own health and that of the environment.


All of this carries no weight if there is no research. microSUREtm has been extensively independently tested and proven effective against almost all harmful pathogens. Not to mention it is used by international health services, Boeing and many small and medium enterprises across all industries from hospitality to sport & leisure. Have a listen to what some of our own clients have to say! (watch here)


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