Frequently Asked Questions

Both will kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms on contact. However, that is the extent of their similarities.

Traditional disinfectants may be effective for approximately 1 minute after they are applied. After this they evaporate. The surface that they were used on can now become contaminated again.

microSURETM on the other hand forms a seal of needle like crystals on the surfaces where it has been sprayed. These crystals are 4-6 nanometres in size (that’s 4-6 billionths of a metre). This seal of crystals is PERMANENT and will only be broken through physical abrasion.

To give you an idea, coronavirus particles are approximately 70 to 80 nanometres in size. Therefore, when they come into contact with a microSURETM protected surface they are punctured, wither and die.

microSURETM surface protectant provides a PERMANENT protective seal. It can only be broken through physical abrasion. Deep Sanitisation is required quarterly.

It is recommended however that high touch and high traffic areas be sprayed every ~3-4 weeks or earlier as required.

For example, door handles, handrails, communal equipment, communal areas.

Keep in a closed container when not in use. Store away from direct heat and sunlight. Recommended storage temperature is between 10oC and 30oC. Avoid freezing temperatures.

Once sprayed microSURETM must be allowed drying time enabling the formation of a seal of needle like crystals on the surfaces where it has been sprayed.

Typically drying time should take 4-7 minutes however in some instances environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity may play a factor.

To maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of slips wait until the sprayed area is fully dried out before occupying it again.

The Ryobi 18v ONE+ Fogger is a fantastic machine; lightweight, portable, and easy for anybody to use. Coverage of 93m2 per minute means it is a great choice for premises with a smaller surface area.

The Electrostatic sprayer uses more advanced technology providing increased efficiency that will save you time and money. With coverage of up to 130m2 per minute and a 3.5 hour run time means it is a great choice for premises with a larger surface area.

Suitable for industrial applications including handles and rails, equipment, high traffic and communal areas, furniture, transport interiors, and all types of surfaces and flooring.

Sports Clubs, Gyms, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Retail, Creches, Schools and many more!

Everywhere should be microSURETM protected.

An abundance of tests have been performed using microSURETM on various soft and hard surfaces and have been proven to be effective in every instance.

No. microSURETM formulas have been designed according to exact measurements and specific ratios. Changing the solution prior to application in any manner should not be performed.


For example, if a microSURETM surface becomes wet or dirty and you are required to wipe down the surface the microSURETM seal will remain in place and continue to protect the surface in question.

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